Sunday, February 22, 2009

Starsteppers SHINE!

Yesterday Heather and all her Starsteppers team mates left very early in the morning to head to Austin for the 2009 American Dance/Drill Team Lone Star Sr State Championship.

We didn't leave until later in the day so we could watch all the dances Heather competed in with her team. As tired as we were arriving back home after 1:00 in the morning, I can't imagine how tired the girls all were having had an even LONGER day and dancing for so much of it!

We are so proud of all the teams and our girls did a superb job!

The girls' first number was their Team Kick routine to a Michael Jackson medley of songs. This was my favorite, but I'm partial to their kick routines. I am always amazed at how high those girls can kick. It's said that you've achieved the perfect high kick if you leave lipstick on your tights! I know several of our girls have achieved that!

As you can see by this photo, early in the dance guess who lost her hat??!!! None other than my daughter!

After the first number the girls had quite a bit of time before their next performance. Marty, my friend Ilene, her son Boone and I roamed the halls of the host high school to check out the vendor booths and to see which t-shirts our girls wanted. We found our girls in a hallway practicing their next dance.

Ashley, Heather, the teacher Cathy, Brooke and Valerie. (Ashley, Heather and Brooke have been dancing together since 2001 and we loved that they were found practicing together and still such good friends after all this time!)

Ashley, Brooke, Heather and Valerie just goofing off.

Heather and Chelsea as they performed "9 to 5"


This was a very cute number!

Congratulations on a job well done girls! The Starsteppers were Sweepstakes winners, State Champions, and were awarded the Gussie Nell Davis Award which is given to teams and individuals who recieve scores of 90 and above from every single judge in every single category.


E said...

Congratulations Heather! Sounds like y'all did great!

Guess you needed an 'extra small', huh? {wink}

mom said...

beautiful, sure wish I could have been there

busysingersmom said...

Yaaa!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Heather & team! Tammy, you are going to have to post a video someday so I can watch them!!!
And I"m sure Heather carried on like a pro, even without her hat! :) Tell her Congratulations!


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