Saturday, January 23, 2010

Decorating for the Debutante Ball: The Painting

Recently I have had the privelege of working with 2 other artists on a project for the upcoming Debutante Ball. In the lobby of the Coliseum will hang 2 very large sections of canvas fabric, upon which we've painted this scene:

Myself, Norma, and Cathy in front of our finished project!

It has been a joy working with these ladies and being able to watch other artists and how they work.

Cathy tackled the sky as I worked on the foreground below her.

Cathy and Norma working hard!

Norma making the water look just right!

Cathy took a step back to see how it all looked

Be watching for photos of the ball, which is only a week away and we'll be dancing the night away! I've already warned the ladies I'll be having a photo snapped of us once again in front of these panels, but next time we'll be all dressed up and at the ball looking our very best!

Should make a great contrast to these photos in our absolute grungiest!

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