Friday, December 18, 2009

Photo Story Friday: Sugar and Spice

I took Friday off to catch up on some housework and prepare for hosting my family on Christmas Day. On top of that, I had a photo session for this beautiful baby girl, Elizabeth. This is my first infant portrait session so it was a freebie so I could put into practice some ideas I had. I sure enjoyed this session and snapped a few photos I love and hope her mommy does too!

Elizabeth receives a kiss from her mama, Lanie:

So precious

And yes, what photo session of a little girl is complete without borrowing my daughter's first tutu???

When I saw this tiny foot peeking out from the blanket I couldn't resist snapping a photo of it

Such a precious gift place beneath the Christmas tree!

Such bright beautiful eyes!

Sights like this just make you want to pick her up and cuddle her, don't they?

What a sweet sweet photo shoot! Thank you Lanie for loaning me your precious baby girl for photos!
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MeMe said...

Tammy, absolutely beautiful pictures. You did a super job.


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