Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Beach..Yes the Beach...in NOVEMBER!

My brother in law Rick brought his fiancee to Texas for Thanksgiving. Sandy has never been to any ocean and wanted to go to the beach. Instead of shopping on Black Friday, we all got up early, piled in the Suburban and headed to Port A for the day. I was not counting on it being warm enough to swim at all so I was not disappointed when the day turned out cool.

We waded in the waves and walked up and down the beach. Sandy did get more wet than the rest of us when a wave caught her off guard.

We took many family photos with the beach as our background, something I've always wanted to do. Despite the chill in the air, we all had a great time!

The day turned out pretty gray, but I like the photos anyway!
Heather and me. I guess she's officially taller than me now...or maybe the picture is just crooked! Yeah, that's it!

Freddie and Billie (my inlaws)

Billie saw this photo and wondered when she got so small next to her boys! Marty is the oldest (and smallest of all 4 boys) and Rick is the youngest.

Heather walking the beach with her daddy.

Awwww so in love! Rick and Sandy

My hunny and me. Thanks Sandy for snapping this photo!

Of course best of all for some of us was the day ended with a trip to the Crazy Cajun for their famous "Hungry Cajun" dish (basically shrimp boil). Yummy!

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Debbie said...

I wish that we could have joined you, but oh so glad that ya'll had a great time!! Great pictures!


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