Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

I hope you and yours had a blessed Christmas Day! I know we did. Tradition at our house has us waking on Christmas morning to find what Santa left in our stockings. Anyone can grab his/her stocking as they wake and it is not necessary to wait upon the rest of the household to awaken to do so. The wrapped Christmas gifts are another story. Those have to wait until everyone is up and ready.

When Heather was little she'd wake at the crack of dawn, (or earlier!)and want to open gifts. Now that she's a teenager she's usually the last to get up.

Heather wrapped one of my gifts with so much tape scissors were necessary!

Marty as he unwrapped his gift from Heather:

Digging in to my box from Missouri!

We added some notes to some of Heather's gifts so she had some reading to do!

Marty and I searched and searched until we found the perfect gift we had in mind for Heather. We wanted her very first diamond to come from us:

Marty's family joined us for Christmas dinner and more gifts:

Marty's twin brother Mike joined us from Iraq via skype on the computer. The highlight of our Christmas day was listening to Mike read us the Christmas story from Matthew and Luke:

My sister in law Debbie, my niece Cheyene, and my nephew Tony:

My mother in law began a tradition a few years ago in which each Christmas day she draws the name of a family member to receive next year's "Gifts from Granny." She lavishes that person with many gifts, most of which are gag gifts that must be opened as they make their way to the big gift. This year was my niece Cheyenne's turn:

Cheyenne and Heather cleaning up:

I made everyone an ornament. Here is Billie with hers:

I think Tony loves his gift from Granny! She folded money into the shape of shirts so he could choose some new shirts for himself:

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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C and C Mommy said...

Very cool that you got to talk to Mike!!


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