Monday, October 12, 2009

Friday Night Lights: Matadors vs. Mules

Friday night of course found us seated at the high school stadium cheering on the Matadors. We were hoping for a win but it was not to be. The Mules kicked us but we did give them a run for it and the boys played a good game.

This was the first football game of the season that was actually cold! Everyone in the stands could be found in long sleeves and jackets, the concession stand began to serve hot chocolate and coffee, and the dancers couldn't stop shivering.

When I first arrived to take some photos of the dancers in the stands I remembered that Ashley had rejoined the dance team! Welcome back Ashley!!!

Ashley and Heather

Of course half time is my favorite part of football! Heather danced with the Starsteppers...

...then marched with the band.

Go Mats Go!!!

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