Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dancers in Sepia

I have been photographing some of the high school dance team girls for four years. I think when I was photographing the girls' warm up for Friday Night's half time show I may very well have captured my favorite image of them. Before heading to the field for their half time performance the girls circle up with their dance teacher/coach and pray together. I love that they do this!

I love sepia tones but have not considered changing the dance team pictures to sepia before now. I think I like the effect.

I challenge you to take some photos you have that you haven't considered changing to sepia and post them. Then come back and here and let me know you did so I can see too.


Jackie said...

I posted some I changed to sepia on my blog http://mysul.blogspot.com/2009/10/pictures-in-sepia.html .
I like the way they turned out. Your dance team pictures, as always, are great.

MeMe said...

Very nice, Tammy. As always--you do such great work.

lynn said...
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lynn said...

Those turned out great. I love how they look in sepia. I will need to give that a try more often.


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