Monday, March 11, 2013

No More "R" Word!


I know there are many who see the posts encouraging us all to remove the "R" word from our vocabulary who think "I don't mean anything bad by it." What we mean by it when we say the word isn't the point. The point is simply that the word cuts straight into the heart of parents who dread the day that word is used in reference to their own child. Honestly I never gave it a lot of thought, until Charli, and even then realized most people don't mean anything by it. We have friends whose entire family are working to delete the word from their vocabulary simply because it hurts them to think someone might use the word in reference to Charli and that makes them sad. So even though I know you don't mean anything bad when you say the word, think about the Mom or Dad who hear the word and cringe. Then stop using the word for that reason and for all the "Charlis" who are so much more than what that word signifies.


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So beautiful <3


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