Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Got an Epiphanie!!!

I have been drooling over these super cute camera bags for a long long time. Their price was always just out of my reach no matter how cute I thought one might be slung over my shoulder.

My photography continues to be a side job for me, bringing in extra income from time to time while at the same time giving me a hobby I thoroughly enjoy.

Recently I photographed a wedding and booked another with another one on the horizon looking promising. Usually the extra funds brought in get applied to bills, the emergency fund, and sometimes get put right back into photography related expenses. The latter was the case I rewarded myself with when I landed another upcoming wedding. Neither of my current camera bags will hold both my camera bodies and accessories and let's face it...neither of them are PRETTY! What? I ask too much to expect a fully functioning camera bag to also be pretty? Not any more! Not since epiphanie!

I pre-ordered one of the brand new spring colors and waited for early May for its expected arrival. This is unusual for me. When I make up my mind about a purchase I generally don't wait for the color I want if something else is in stock. When I finally have the money and finally decide to make a purchase, I want it NOW. But this time, I really really wanted the new pink Clover bag! So, I pre-ordered it and anxiously waited for May.

A few days ago I noticed on facebook that epiphanie announced the arrival of the new colors! Yipee! This surely meant my bag was not far behind, right?

The UPS man who delivers to my office also delivers to my neighborhood and sometimes makes my personal deliveries at work. Such was the case this week. He arrived at work with a big box that said "epiphanie" right on the side and I KNEW what was inside!

It was like Christmas ripping that box open!

At long last I am the very proud owner of the most awesome camera bag I've ever seen and it is HUGE enough to hold all I'd want to carry!

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