Saturday, July 23, 2011


Meet George.

He's about 14 years old and belongs to my daughter, Heather. When she was just a little girl, and unbeknownst to me, one of my clients heard Heather say she really really really wanted a white cat so she could name him snowball.

In the middle of an ice storm my client's cats had kittens, and one was indeed white. She waited for the kittens to be old enough to wean from their mother and showed up at my house with a tiny white kitten just for Heather. How could I possibly turn her away?

I had not known of Heather's desire to have a white cat to name "Snowball." When Heather received the kitten we began to discuss names for him. Of course her first response was "Snowball!" but I encouraged her to think of some other names as well and to see if there were any other names that she liked as much. She began to think about it, and would often ask people she met for ideas for names for her new cat. She asked a friend of mine what he liked for cat names and as a joke he said, "George of the Jungle." And guess what name stuck? So now we have George, short for George of the Jungle, and 14 years later he's still with us.

George has always had a mind of his own and has never been a very "cuddly" cat. Heather couldn't possibly have loved him any more, depsite the scratches received when he wasn't in the mood to be cuddled. He has always been a bit moody with a mind of his own, and when children visit are always warned, George doesn't always like to be pet.

He's a beautiful cat, and on the rare occasion he opens his eyes, the brightest radiant blue eyes beam back at you. Typically he squints so much you can't see his eyes, and these days he's a bit skinnier, with less skin on his ears than before, but he's still a very loved cat. Especially by Heather.

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Debbie said...

Awww GEORGE.... such a cool, squinting cat.


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