Wednesday, July 6, 2011

20 Years

There's a country song whose lyrics have been running through my head all weekend. The words I keep singing in my head are "20 years together and she still gets to me..." Today, my husband and I celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. I posted on facebook this morning that I "spent the weekend celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary, which is today. Ours is not a perfect marriage and certainly hasn't always been easy, but with God's grace we continue to grow, and as we grow closer to Him, we also grow closer to one another. Looking forward to the what the next 20 will bring!"

The first 20 years included raising a daughter, many moves across many states, so many memories (both good and bad), and many many milestones. There was a time I dreaded this point in our marriage, not knowing what it would bring, whether we'd still love one another once we didn't have a daughter keeping us together, wondering if our different interests would simply take us farther and farther from one another.

I have found in the last year with our empty nest that I don't dread what the next 20 years will bring; I look forward to it! I have found I am enjoying getting to know my husband again. It seems at times that we spent much of the first 20 surrounded by many people and the last year we have had much more time with just the two of us. Our life is very different from what it once was. Over all the first 20 years were wonderful and I'd definitely do it again, but I look forward with anticipation  to what the rest of our lives together will bring!

We went away for the weekend to celebrate our "milestone" and spent a couple of days in Corpus Christi.

We played tourist and had our photo taken in front of one of the shops:

We toured the USS Lexington:

And of course touring the USS Lexington included walking the plank!

We visited the Texas State Aquarium:

We sat on a beach and watched 4th of July fireworks:

And we walked along quiet beaches:


Larissa Pereira said...

so glad because of you and Marty Tammy!!!! so glad! love y'ALL and i can't wait 'til meet you in person :)

Debbie said...

Congratulations and many more years together!! Love you both!


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