Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Senior Night

Friday night was the last home football game. Prior to the game all the senior band members, cheerleaders, dance team members, flag runners, and color guard members were presented by their parents on the football field.

Here we are presenting Heather. Band boosters gave her a yellow rose, and the dance team gave me a yellow corsage. Now..on to explain why my family is dressed as convicts....

Thank you, Billy for taking our pictures for us!!!

Senior night is also "Bob and Sue" night in which the dance team girls perform a dance routine with their dads or substitute dads at half time. This year the band played "Ladies Night" while the Bobs and Sues danced. The dancers were told to choose anything to wear that was black and white. Some chose more formal attire and some chose to be funny. My family...and one other couple...chose to dress as convicts. They were definitely easy to spot on the field!

Gotta love how my husband is gettin' down in this one!!! Do you suppose this is why Marty was awarded Bob dancer of the week??

All the Bobs and Sues:

What a fun tradition to look forward to each year! This was the last Bob and Sue dance for Marty and Heather and I'm so glad Marty participated with her every year she was on the dance team. Go Bobs!!!


Debbie said...

Gotta love the convict pictures!! They looked like they had an amazing time!!

MeMe said...

Whoo--those dancing stripes get me every time!!


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