Thursday, January 22, 2009

25 Random Things

My computer's in the shop but I found something I can blog anyway. Erica and Lavonne have both posted 25 Random Things memes on their blogs. The idea is to post 25 random things your readers may not already know about you. I can think of several...the question is do I want to SHARE them with the world???? Here goes (and when you're through, head over to your blog and do the same with information about yourself and leave me a comment letting me know you did so I can come check it out).


1). Growing up I always chewed my fingernails. One day my senior year I decided I was going to have long nails for prom, and I stopped. I was determined! (Now if only I could be as determined about organizing that office....)

2). When I was little I wanted more than anything else to be able to take ballet like my cousin Carmen. Being one of 5 kids in a single income household, activities like that just weren't in the cards.

3). I grew up in the country and as such there were always farm animals around: pigs, chickens, cows, etc. I never cared much for all the animals. I thought they smelled and was afraid of the bulls and the hogs too when they got really big. Our milk cow even chased me around the barn once and I was carrying a board at the time. My grandma loved to tell everyone that story because rather than turn around and scare the cow away with the board I threw it in the air and ran!

4). I sold boxes of seeds to all my neighbors when I was a preteen to earn enough points for my first camera. It was a "MagicCube" camera and I still have it.

5). There is such and age difference between my youngest siblings and the other 3 of us that it was like 2 separate families sometimes. The older 3 of us are each a year apart and I'm the middle of those 3...and was always the smallest of the 3. Davy and Regina used to lock me in the tiny closet under the stairs sometimes and leave me there until Mom found me to let me out. It felt like I was in there so long, but I'm sure it wasn't as long as it seemed. I had to be sneaky in getting even for they were faster, bigger and meaner than I was! ha ha Once I convinced Regina to trust me and led her down the driveway with a box over her head. I told her to run 30 steps in a straight line before she stopped....knowing she didn't have 30 steps before she'd run into and embankment on the side of the driveway. I took off running for the house as soon as she began running her 30 steps. I'm still dreading when she gets even for that one!

6). My younger cousin Willie tried to beat me up once when we were little (he's about 3 years YOUNGER than I am, but he was MEAN as a kid). My sister Regina, who's a year younger than I am, had to rescue me. Of course she loved that and told everyone for a long time about having to rescue her older sister. Now Willie is one of the nicest adult men I know.

7). In 4th grade my friend Rusty gave me the nickname "Gravy Face." I always hated it and that name followed me from then through high school. Last year Rusty and I got in touch again and remain friends, despite the nickname I've yet to get even with him over!

8). Because of the age difference between me and my youngest siblings I babysat them a lot. There are 12 years between Levi and me, and 14 years between Lacey and me. As a teenager I always looked younger than I was but people STILL asked me if Lacey was mine when I'd be out and about with her! I was always horrified that someone would think that!

9). I have lived in 6 states (and I'm NOT a military brat!): Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Arizona, Wyoming and Texas.

10). Regina and I were the only girls on Mom's side of the family who lived near West Plains so grew up with all boys to play with at family functions. I loved playing with my dolls and girlie things, but when the boys were around Regina and I could always be found out and about with all of them: fishing grandpa's ponds, catching tadpoles in the creek, climbing trees, and building forts with brush.

11). When the weather was nice Davy, Regina and I could be found almost every day after school in the field playing softball with our cousins Jason, Travis and Jay or at their house across the field, playing basketball.....or fighting!

12). Although my siblings and I always fought with each other, if anyone else came up against us we could always count on each other for help/support.

13). I grew up in a house with 7 people...and ONE bathroom! When in high school, relatives moved in temporarily and we had 12 people under one roof.....and one bathroom. Regina and I would get up at 5 am to have time to curl our hair every morning!

14). Davy, Regina and I walked to church on Sundays if we wanted to attend. It was about a 1.5 mile walk I think.

15). My first job was cleaning the church I attended as a child. My sister and I were teenagers and shared the job. We split $5 per week to clean a very small church.

16). I HATE snakes and worms and don't like fishing. But I never let on to my cousins how much I hated those things when we were all fishing in Grandpa's ponds.

17). I hated my 6th grade teacher.

18). I was always planning to be a math or art teacher...and changed my mind 6 months before I graduated high school.

19). I used to resent how my sister felt about her church family....until we found our own church family and understood.

20). I like "muscle cars."

21). One of my favorite colors is now green....which was one of my least favorite colors as a child.

22). I had never ice skated until this past summer when we went with friends.

23). My mom was the one to fix things around the house and did most of the construction on her home. I did not inherit this from her, but my sister Regina did. Dad worked very hard, but was not as capable around the house as Mom was.

24). I hate green beans, broccoli, and milk.

25). Although I don't get them often, I think pedicures are my favorite way to pamper myself.

Ok now it's your turn to go reveal random things about yourself! Have fun!


E said...

See you grew up a lot like me. I too built forts, but mine were made of cow patties!!! Hey, those things have many uses! Ask my brother how he got the scar over his eye. (I'm a good aim!!!)

Great list! =0)

Tammy said...

Oh that reminds me! I forgot to mention the horse biscuit fights! ha ha

Tricia said...

Your list is great and interesting, but 25? That's a very large # of things to come up w/ & like you said, to tell the whole world?! I'll post it, but not right away - I'm going to need time to think about this! LoL!

Tammy said...

Don't worry Tricia, it took me 2 days to write my list!

CPA Mom said...

Very interesting...learned a lot I didn't know!

Now you are ready to do the "100 things" list bloggers typically do and leave up as a page on their blog. Usually done at post 100...


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