Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pretty Angel

On a shopping trip last year I found a skirt I fell in love with. I didn't buy it at the time but after leaving it on the rack I could not get it out of my head. I did look at the label (Pretty Angel) and remembered the name. Since that time I've found more and more Pretty Angel fashions and I love love love the look!

I grew up fairly poor and fashion sense didn't exist in the life I lived. I wore what was handed down or I could afford and that was it. For years I wore baggy bulky clothes in an attempt to hide my "too skinny" "too boney" frame, labels I adopted from what others said to me.

In my 30's I began to see clothes in a new light and discovered the baggy bulky clothes I wore just didn't help me at all. I began to embrace my size and shop accordingly. I still didn't find a look that was just "me," until I found "Pretty Angel" fashions. Their clothes have a flair of vintage, are so feminine/pretty/romantic who can help but love the look and feel?!

For my 43rd birthday my husband bought the skirt I left hanging on the rack months before. Since then, I have begun to offer Pretty Angel fashions and other similar styles of clothing in my own online boutique "A Moment in Tyme."

Pretty Angel remains my favorite brand I carry and I continue to be drawn to those styles for my boutique.

The skirt I fell in love with? I carry it now, but in a different color. Mine is brown but the one in my store is aqua and just as gorgeous:


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