Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My granddaughter is growing and I still am in such awe when I watch her on a sonogram. Last week I watched her wiggle and move all over the place!

There was an "aaaaawwwww" moment as we watched her yawn and stick her tongue out.

 She appears so much chubbier than her previous sonogram so we know she's growing. The technician estimates she weighs almost 3 pounds.

She is so precious, right down to her tiny feet!

We are praying for this tiny baby. Her ultrasound revealed a "double bubble" on her stomach. We still aren't sure what all that means and won't know much more until a more intense sonogram next week. We know this means little Charli may have surgery as soon as she's born. She's being prayed for by friends and family and churches across the US and we are so thankful to have no doubt she is in God's hands.

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