Monday, September 5, 2011

Tubing the Comal

One summer activity our family enjoys is tubing along the Comal. It's usually very crowded but we enjoy it anyway. We always go with friends and we all float along together and chat as we let the water move us downriver. The water is pretty slow moving most of the way and it's very relaxing.

We decided weeks ago to take the day off work on Heather's birthday and go tubing. We thought it was likely not to be crowded and it's an activity we can all enjoy and is very inexpensive. As the day approached some things changed and Heather was scheduled to work late in the afternoon so we decided we'd still float and we'd make it an early float trip.

This early in Heather's pregnancy meant Heather woke feeling horrible, sick, and pretty irritable. We decided to go anyway in hopes her mood and morning sickness would improve.

Our wonderful friend Kendra was able to join us as well. She hesitated to join us, not wanting to intrude on family time. I told her she was silly, that she IS family. :)

Heather's boyfriend Phillip was able to join us as well. Although he's been tubing before this was his first trip on the Comal:

Kendra heading toward the first tube chute:

And away she goes!

My turn:

Heather was right behind me!

Marty chillin' on the river:

Heather and Kendra enjoying our relaxing morning:

Might have to replace my hat soon. It's getting pretty battered!

There were so few tubers on the river even the ducks were enjoying the water:

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Thiên said...

Looks wonderful Tammy! And I really like that shot of you. :-)


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