Friday, April 8, 2011

A Study in Green

As I was trying to talk on the phone my husband interrupted to tell me I really needed to come outside and to bring my camera. To take photos. Of a frog. Yes, a frog. I am sure if you know me well you know how quickly I jumped on that, or not. A frog? Ok, ok I'm coming....

Ok maybe he's not so bad. But I'm still not holding him. And he'd better not jump on me.

Ok, maybe I'll even get closer...

"Wait, wait, wait. That's not my good side"

See I knew I didn't like frogs...

"Could you at least wait until I've had a bath???? I'm awfully dirty! I even appear to have cobwebs stuck to me!"

"Oh goodness! Not THAT close, the WRINKLES will show!"

"Seriously, after your husband scares me off the stump and I'm even DIRTIER and still you're here with your camera? Oh the humanity!"

"Look, I even now have trash on my face."

"Leave me with a shred of dignity and be off with you now!"

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